• Chemistry CP Blocks 1A & 3B room E12

    Chemistry CPA Block 4B room E12

    The world of chemistry can be divided into three areas: atomic (the world you cannot see), macroscopic (the world you can able to see,); and constructive (the symbolism used by chemists). Chemists acquire meaningful data through precise and meaningful measurements. Evaluating and analyzing the validity of acquired knowledge and experimental data are all important in scientific discovery. The acquisition of new scientific knowledge requires initiative, flexibility, and creativity.

    Google Classroom Codes

    Chemistry  CP Block 1A- vscuach

    Chemistry  CP Block 3B- 3vlh46k

    Chemistry  CP Block 4B- mqvnjya


  • ScienceB  1B in room E6

    Google Class Code gbkrocl

    We will cover a variety of science topics including chemistry, physics, life, and earth sciences.

    Students will learn-

    • Ideas can be represented in numerous ways.    
    • Scientific laws can be used to make predictions about outcomes.  
    • Problems can be solved in many different ways and use many different formulas/topics.
  • Life Skills  2A & 3A

    Students with multiple disabilities require unique instruction, adaptations, and modifications to their entire learning environment. It is important for these students to participate in a functional curriculum that focuses on the skills the student will need to be as independent as possible and as active and engaged as possible. Instruction must focus on the student's current and future quality of life, ensuring that the focus of instruction is realistic and provides the student with the skills that will help him or her interact successfully with their world. When setting up the environment, it is essential to provide them with sensory areas that meet their unique visual needs. These areas must be accessible and available where they are.