• CP Chemistry - Chemistry investigates matter and energy and ways in which these two quantities interact. Over a course of study in chemistry, students should be able to recognize how both matter and energy are both quantified (measured) and qualified (observed) in a variety of contexts. This course also makes connections between matter and the energy transformations in living systems and includes the connection to nuclear chemistry. This course is designed to provide students with a conceptual and practical understanding of how chemistry affects the environment, society, and global community. Students will demonstrate understanding through performance expectations. Lab experiences complement the core concepts.

    Forensics - This course provides students an introduction to the science of forensics. Students explore concepts through a variety of laboratory investigations. Topics of study include DNA analysis, crime, anthropology, comparative skeletal anatomy, blood composition and behavior, entomology as it relates to crime solving, genetics, odontology, and pathology. Warning: crime scene images and descriptions may be graphic in nature