• English 12 Honors

    This course is designed for the student who has developed exceptional proficiency in critical reading and thinking as well as advanced writing skills. Students are challenged with numerous fictional literary readings from several genres and related non-fiction. In addition, students complete many writing assignments and extensive outside readings. Students explore the modes of writing on a more sophisticated level; journal writing will address students’ creative talents while other assignments will be analytical in nature. Students use MLA and The BIG6 information literacy model to conduct problem-based research projects.



    • All students will need a journal that will be submitted periodically for review or a Google Doc that will be submitted through Google Classroom.
    • Bring a charged Chromebook
    • A pen or pencil


    English 12 Honors Syllabus

    English 12 Honors 2B Google Classroom

    English 12 Honors 4A Google Classroom


    Unit 1: Book Club

    In this unit, students will read literature and discuss in book clubs. 12th grade teachers refresh/review those same skills from the years prior to check for complete understanding as well as increase rigor.