• Algebra 1 CP - 10 credits

    This course is a systematic investigation of the properties of the real number system. The course is designed to deepen and extend the understanding of linear and exponential relationships by contrasting them with each other and by applying linear models to data that exhibit a linear trend. Students will also engage in methods for analyzing, solving, and using quadratic functions. This course integrates the elements of algebra with technology, problem solving, application and mathematical modeling. Through the Mathematical Practice Standards, students experience mathematics as a coherent, useful, and logical subject that makes use of their ability to make sense of problem situations.

    Units of Study: *indicates current unit of study*

    • Unit 1: **Algebra Basics**
    • Unit 2: Expressions, Equations & Inequalities
    • Unit 3: Algebraic Expressions & Functions
    • Unit 4: Linear Functions
    • Unit 5: Systems of Linear Equations
    • Unit 6: Modeling with Exponential Functions
    • Unit 7: Radicals
    • Unit 8: Quadratic Equations
    • Unit 9: Comparing Functions
    • Unit 10: Statistics

    General Norms for Algebra 1 CP:

    • Keep cell phones OFF and OUT OF SIGHT.

    • Be respectful and supportive of everyone.

    • Actively participate in class activities.

    • Be prepared. (binder, completed work, good attitude, writing utensil, CHARGED chromebook)

    • Behave in accordance with the rules of the school. 

    • Seek out extra help when you need it. 


    Learning Norms for Algebra 1 CP:

    • We value learning over knowing: True learning is not about speed, memorizing procedures, or “getting done”; it is about ideas, creativity, and sense-making.

    • Collaboration moves our thinking forward: We listen to and value each other’s ideas, ask questions, push for reasons, and are open to revising our thinking.

    • We are aware of when to step up and step back: We share our ideas and make space for others to share theirs.


    Group Norms for Algebra 1 CP:

    • No quitting: Challenge is normal. We can get stuck and then get ourselves unstuck.

    • No loners: Everyone participates. No one is done until everyone is done.

    • No spoilers: Find out what others think and don’t rush to the answer. Help others do things for themselves.


    Major Assessments 50%

    • Generally this will be tests

    • Tests are graded out of 100p

    Minor Assessments 30%

    • Generally this will be any type of quiz (homework/unit quizzes)

    Class/Homework 20%

    • Participation, homework, class activities


    • I encourage you to come see me for extra help- math is not a spectator sport! We can talk through some of the concepts pretty quickly.


    • Any assignment you need to make up will be entered as a M = “Missing” in the gradebook until you make it up. Don’t wait!

    • Any assignment you DO NOT need to make up will be entered as EX or exempt in the gradebook. You can get a copy of this assignment, but you do not need to hand it in.

    • You are responsible to make up any work you missed due to an absence, including showing completed work upon return. I will not remind you


    (binder, completed work, good attitude, writing utensil, CHARGED chromebook)