• Presents the first course of a two-year AP U.S. History program for tenth-grade students. In year one, students study the major themes of American history from the colonial period to the present, including Amistad standards. Students are given a foundation in the chronology of American history and in major interpretive questions that derive from the study of selected themes. This course follows College Board Pre-AP standards. Summer Assignment Required. All students enrolled in U.S. History 1 Honors will take the AP Exam at the end of the second year of the course. All AP students are required to take the Advanced Placement Examination. (see Policy 2429 & Program of Studies page 6).


    Age of Exploration and  European Colonization- 1 week in September

    English Colonial Period- 3 weeks in September

    Pre-Revolutionary Period- 2 weeks in October

    American Revolution-2 weeks in October, 2 weeks in November

    Constitution-2 weeks in November, 2 weeks in December

    Federal Era- 2 weeks in December, 2 weeks in January

    Jeffersonian Democracy- 1 week in January, 1 week in February

    Age of Jackson- 3 weeks in February

    Manifest Destiny- 3 weeks in March

    Pre-Civil War- 1 week in March, 2 weeks in April

    Civil War- 2 weeks in April, 1 week in May

    Reconstruction- 2 weeks in May

    Taming of the West and Industrialization- 1 week in May, 1 week in June