• Credits: 5

    Prerequisite: English 10 CP

    Grade: 11

    This course continues to develop students’ critical reading and writing skills through the workshop model. It is designed to give students extensive choices in the selection of their reading. Students will explore the study of literary genres such as memoir, drama, and nonfiction. Students will analyze literature from diverse authors and read analytically and hone their skills for college and career readiness. Emphasis is placed on the analysis, synthesis and evaluation of text. In this course, students will continue their study of narrative, literary analysis, and persuasive writing techniques. A blend of independent reading, book clubs, and whole-class novels will be employed.

  • Supplies:

    - Charged Chromebook

    - Binder/Notebook

    - Pen/Pencils

  • Units of Study:

    Unit 6- Research-Based Writing

     In this unit students will conduct independent research in order to write a research-based expository essay. In 11-12th grade, teachers will teach the same standards from 9th and 10th grade but will increase the rigor. 11th-grade teachers will teach the skills based on the explicit standards and 12th-grade teachers refresh/review those same skills from the year prior to check for complete understanding. 

  • Makeup Work

    Tests and Quizzes:

    YOU are responsible for making the arrangements. Do not let this work pile up!


    Homework must be handed in on time for full credit. I will accept homework one day late for half credit. When absent, please get your homework in as soon as possible. All the work you miss when absent will be located in your class folder.


     0’s will be placed in the grade book for missing assignments. This policy stands even if you are absent. The reason I do this is to show you what your grade will be if you choose not to make up the missing assignment. Once the missing assignment is completed, your grade will be changed accordingly.