Spanish 1

  • Course Overview:

    This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of speaking, reading and writing the Spanish language. Although grammar and vocabulary are taught, the emphasis is on oral communication. Students converse about daily life in the United States while learning about the diverse cultures of the Hispanic world. Sample themes include personal health, the family, service occupations, restaurant situations, business and travel related experiences as well as basic vocabulary and skills necessary to express needs, descriptions and appropriate social and cultural practices.


    Unit 1- Un rato con los amigos

    Essential Questions:


    How will learning another language broaden my horizons and be useful in other aspects of life?


    How can I become a more effective reader, writer, speaker and listener in languages other than English?


    What strategies do I need to communicate in linguistically and culturally appropriate ways?


    When does accuracy matter?


    How do I know that I am getting better in using language in real-world situations?


    How does the content of the language I'm studying help me to better understand my native language and who I am in the world in which I live?


    What can I already communicate in my new language?


    How are languages other than English used to communicate?


    Where is the language I’m studying spoken?


    How can I appropriately address people I meet?


    How can I inquire about people?

    Supplies: Charged chromebook, paper, pencil