• Latin 4 Honors provides a sound, interesting, and stimulating reading experience of genuine Latin literature which will use and enlarge the fundamentals already acquired by the student. Latin 4 Honors will transition to readings from Julius Caesar's De Bello Gallico and Vergil's Aeneid.  Increased emphasis will be placed upon the life, history, and institutions of the Roman people whose influence on our civilization and the western world has continued over two thousand years and classical literary genres of commentary and epic poetry.


    We shall be using Google Classroom as our educational platform.  The class code for Latin 4 Honors is iw4sxgw.


    For supplies, students should have a loose leaf notebook, a supply of paper and pens, pencils and erasers.  It is very important that your chromebook be with you and charged.


    The adopted curriculum can be found here.


    I am available on Wednesdays after school for extra help.  I will be in Room C-2.  I am also available for extra help virtually by appointment.