• Course description will include the following topics:


       Sociology of Sports: What is it? Why Study It? How it relates to our social spheres in society: Family, Education, Media, Economy. The need for interscholastic sports in U.S. schools the value and devalue of sports in our education system at high school and NCAA level.

         The History of Sports:  Study past cultures and examine how sports have influenced time periods in History. Study of how sports helped shape their societies: Some examples Greeks, Romans, Medieval, Modern Day.

         Sports and Children: Examine major trends in youth sports. The dynamics of family relationships, How youth sports has become a multi billion dollar industry. Recreation falling to travel and academies. Look at sports specialization and how its changed the culture of youth sports and the competition for scholarships as well as the parents extreme behavior

         Deviance in Sports:  Understanding of deviant actions among athletes. How athletes are under a microscope in the media and acts of deviance are often pointed out and viewed in the U.S. Study cases of Deviance and understand how and why athletes may act deviant.

         Gender, Race and Ethnicity in sports:  recognize gender inequalities, participation patterns among minorities and ethnic relations in sports in the U.S. How and why athletes participate in sports. Examine reasons for participation: Climate,

     Sports and the Economy:  Focus on who sponsors and promotes sports and interests.


    Sports and the Media:  View how they are interconnected.

    Games or events that have shaped the Nations:  Analyze how sports games or events have greatly influenced or impacted America.