• English 9 Honors

    Ms. Kristin Barclay 

    Email:  [email protected] 

    Unit Lunch Extra Help:  First B-Day of the week, Room A8


    Each marking period, we will...

    • Alternate between reading and writing units

    • Reading units include...

      • Assorted poetry

      • Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

      • Rand’s Anthem and dystopian genre book clubs

      • Wiesel’s Night and excerpts from literary nonfiction texts on genocide

      • Achebe’s Things Fall Apart

    • Writing units include....

      • Literary analysis

      • Research-based informational essay

      • Flash fiction

      • Poetry

      • Critical Review (Optional)

    • Complete approximately 3 tests, 6 quizzes, and 10 homework assignments per marking period

    Each block, you will need…

    • A spiral notebook or binder.

    • A folder for handouts.

    • A writing utensil. 

    • The text(s) we’re studying.

    • A Chromebook and charger.


    A+: 100-97        B+: 90-88          C+: 81-79        D+ :73-72

    A: 96-94            B: 87-85             C: 78-76          D: 75-72

    A-: 93-91           B-:84-82            C-:75-74          D-:71-70       E: 69 and below

    Tests: 50% of grade

    Quizzes: 30% of grade

    Homework: 20% of grade


    Course Policies


    Late Work 

    • Homework: Homework assignments that are not completed on their due date (not due to absence) will lose ½ credit. Homework assignments are not accepted after two class periods from the due date. In the event that homework answers are reviewed in class before you submit your homework, you will not receive late credit. I will alert you in this latter scenario. 

    • “Test” and “Quiz” Grade Assignments: Assignments weighted in either of these two categories will lose 5 points each day they are late (not due to absence).

    Absenteeism & Make-Up Work (from Student Handbook): Students who are absent from class for any reason will be required to make up the work missed in each class. Completion of this work should take approximately the same amount of time as the student missed from class. Students will receive a zero for any work that is not completed by the designated timeline. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain all make-up work from teachers immediately upon returning to school. Failure to obtain makeup work is no excuse for not completing work missed. Students have the same amount of time that they have been absent to make up the work


    Extensions on Assignments: There are times when you may need an extension due to personal circumstances. When appropriate, please request an extension in writing (via email) at least 48 hours in advance of the due date. Extensions are not guaranteed but are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. I reserve the right to refuse an extension request. 


    Plagiarism: (Freshmen) (from Student Handbook):  On the first offense, the student may rewrite for a maximum grade of 55.  The rewrite should be closely monitored by the teacher because on the freshman level we are concerned with students’ understanding of the process.  On the second offense, the student receives a 0 grade for the final product.  (Student offenses will be filed in the supervisor’s office). Please be aware that the definition and consequences for Cheating are also delineated in the Student Handbook. 


    Cellular Phones (from Student Handbook): Students will be permitted to use cell phones during unit lunchAny student using a cellular telephone or having it in plain sight during other regular school hours without explicit permission may have the device confiscated and disciplined accordingly.  There are no cell phones allowed during detention and in-school suspension. 


    Course Level Change Changes (from Student Handbook): : 

    ● A student requesting a level change during the first marking period will have their original course grade carried to their new class and incorporated into the first marking period average. 

     ● A student may not request a course level change after the end of the first marking period. Please note all course changes are subject to seat availability. Classes will not be overloaded to accommodate a student who chooses to withdraw from a class and enter another.


    Classroom Norms


    1. Respect yourself, other students, and the teacher.

    2. Help to facilitate a safe, judgment-free space.

    3. Come prepared to class every day.

    4. Add to the academic environment.

    5. Make mistakes and improve daily.


    SPECIAL NOTES: No food/ drink except for water is permitted in the classroom. Please sign out & in on the “Travel Log” when leaving/ returning to the room. Please keep desks in position unless permitted to move.