In Reading: Peanuts® READ Reading Poster

    • We will continue to learn letters and how to write them. Letters Tt, Bb, Ff, Mm, Nn, iI, Uu, Cc, Oo, Aa, and Gg.
    • We will also learn new sight words and will be able to use them in a sentence.
    • Sight words include: I, can, the, we, see, a, and like.
    • We will learn that good readers LOOK, THINK, and REMEMBER as they read.
    • We will also work on reading stamina.

    In Writing:  Snoopy Writing Clip Art - ClipArt Best

    • We will learn that good writers add details to their pictures and labels.
    • We will learn that good writers will also STRETCH OUT words to hear more sounds.


    MATH    Your a Great Student - Mr. Preye's Technology Website

    • We will compare numbers 0-5 using equal, greater, or fewer.
    • We will learn how to count numbers up to ten and how to form them correctly.



     K-5 Classroom | Space STEM   used as graphic for social studies | Socialismo

    Mystery Doug / Scholastic

    • Animal Needs
    • Food and Shelter
    • Autumn
    • Fire Safety
    • Pumpkins and Bats