Frequently Asked Questions

Bond Referendum Background

  • What is a bond referendum?

  • Why is debt part of a smart fiscal strategy for a school district?

  • What kind of special state aid is available when voters approve bond funding?

  • What kind of research and consideration led to the identification of these needs?

Funding Details

  • What is the cost of holding a special referendum on December 13?

  • What is a property’s “assessed” value?

  • What if my home is valued higher or lower than the average?

  • How does debt pay-off make Question 1 a ‘no tax increase’ proposal?

  • What if project costs end up being lower than the district’s estimates?

  • What if project costs end up being higher than the district’s estimates?

  • What can bond funding pay for/not pay for?

  • What tax decrease could result in voter rejection of Question 1?

  • What are the cost breakdowns for these two ballot questions?

Proposed Improvements

  • Which Wall High School athletic facilities would benefit from improvements?

  • What value did the community get from the last voter-approved referendum?

  • How will the district prioritize improvement projects that are not part of this referendum?

  • What school improvements have been made without bond funding?

  • When would all of this work happen in Wall’s seven schools?

  • How would proposed projects benefit a person without children in school or someone who is planning to move soon?

  • What projects would improve accessibility for people who have mobility difficulties?

  • What are the priority needs for restroom renovations?

  • What would happen if enrollment rises at Wall Township’s schools?

  • If the referendum is successful, how would the district select contractor(s)?

Voter Information

  • What is the cost of holding a special referendum on December 13?

  • How do I vote in person?

  • Who can vote in the bond referendum?

  • How can residents of Wall Township learn more?

  • How do I find out if I’m registered to vote?

  • Why is the bond referendum set for Tuesday, December 13?

  • Why will the ballot have two questions?

  • Can I vote if I’m living away from home for college or another reason?

  • How do I apply for a mail-in ballot?

  • What if I get turned away at the polls?