In Reading: Peanuts® READ Reading Poster

    • We will continue to increase our reading stamina.
    • We will also learn new sight words and will be able to use them in a sentence.
    • Sight words include: with, is, little, she, he, was, & on.
    • We will learn that good readers use many strategies to decode words.
    • We will retell stories using details from the text.

    In Writing:  Snoopy Writing Clip Art - ClipArt Best

    • We will learn that good writers add details to their pictures. 
    • We will learn that good writers will also STRETCH OUT words to hear more sounds. 
    • We will write "How-To" books and continue to re-read to edit our writing.
    • We will also learn how to form all uppercase letters A-Z.


    MATH    Your a Great Student - Mr. Preye's Technology Website

    • We will explore subtraction and what 'minus' means.
    • We will write subtraction equations and solve.
    • We will develop fact fluency for addition and subtraction.
    • We will continue to solve both addition and subtraction word problems.


     K-5 Classroom | Space STEM   used as graphic for social studies | Socialismo

    • Mystery Doug / Scholastic
    • TCI Family Unit
    • Winter weather and learn about how some animals hibernate


    WELCOME 2023!

    Happy New Year Charlie Brown Happy New Year, Charlie Brown Imágenes por  Brandie498 | Imágenes españoles imágenes

    • 1/2/23 ~ School re-opens 
    • 1/16/23 ~ School closed: Martin Luther King Jr. Day  
    • 1/19/23 ~ Winter Concert
    • 1/23/23 ~ Lifelines Parent Evening (Grades 5, 7, 9, & 11)
    • 1/24/23 ~ Lip Sync SHow Rehearsal, 3:30PM
    • 1/27/23 ~ End of Marking Period 2
    • 1/31/23 ~ Lip Sync Show Rehearsal, 3:30PM