In Reading: Peanuts® READ Reading Poster

    • We will learn strategies to build our reading comprehension skills.
    • We will also learn new sight words and will be able to use them in a sentence.
    • Sight words include: have, they, said, of, and want
    • We will learn that good readers use many strategies to decode words.
    • We will retell stories using details from the text.

    In Writing:  Snoopy Writing Clip Art - ClipArt Best

    • We will learn that good writers add details to their pictures. 
    • We will learn that good writers will also STRETCH OUT words to hear more sounds. 
    • We will write persuasive stories  and learn how to form an opinion.

    MATH    Your a Great Student - Mr. Preye's Technology Website

    • We will learn how to decompose numbers up to 10 and find the missing part.
    • We will continue to strengthen our fact fluency for addition and subtraction.
    • We will continue to solve word problems.
    • We will celebrate our 100th day of school on 2/7/23.


     K-5 Classroom | Space STEM   used as graphic for social studies | Socialismo

    • Mystery Doug / Scholastic
    • TCI: Unit  2: Civic's
    • How Do I Get Along with Others?
    • How Do I Make Friends?
    • How Do I Solve Problems with Others?
    • How Can I Be a Good Helper at School?
    • How Do Americans Celebrate?
    • Presidents' Day and Valentine's Day
    • Black History Month
    • Ground Hog's Day
    • Dental Health


    Kalo Mina | Snoopy, Snoopy valentine, Snoopy pictures

    • 2/3/23 ~ Kindergarten Ice Cream Social, 6:00 PM
    • 2/9/23 & 2/10/23 ~ Lip Sync Show, 7:00 PM
    • 2/16/23 ~ School closed 2/16-2/20