In Reading: Peanuts® READ Reading Poster

    • We will listen for LONG VOWEL SOUNDS, TAP OUT WORDS, and DIGRAPHS (wh, ch, sh, th, and ck)
    • We will also learn new sight words and will be able to use them in a sentence.
    • Sight words include: come, get, play, got, had, and they
    • We will learn that good readers use many strategies to decode words.
    • We will retell stories using details from the text.

    In Writing:  Snoopy Writing Clip Art - ClipArt Best

    • We will learn that good writers add details to their pictures. 
    • We will learn that good writers will also STRETCH OUT words to hear more sounds. 
    • We will learn how to write ALL ABOUT BOOKS.

    MATH    Your a Great Student - Mr. Preye's Technology Website

    • We will learn how to count objects up to 20, write numbers to 20, and how to decompose numbers to 20.
    • We will continue to strengthen our fact fluency for addition and subtraction.
    • We will continue to solve word problems.


     K-5 Classroom | Space STEM   used as graphic for social studies | Socialismo

    • Mystery Doug / Scholastic
    • Machines and Forces (push/pull)
    • How to Make Friends and Be a Good Helper at School (Civic's Unit 2)


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    2/27/23 ~ 3/3/23: READ ACROSS AMERICA (Don't Forget to Register your child for the Read-a-Thon)

    Monday, 2/27

    “Oh The Places 

    You’ll go!”

    Wear a Shirt From Your Favorite Place!

    Tuesday, 2/28

    “Fox in Socks Day”

    Wear Crazy Socks!

    Wednesday, 3/1



    Wear Mismatched


    Thursday, 3/2

    “Team Up 

    and Read!”

    Wear Sports Gear or Wall Colors!

    Friday, 3/3

    “Books Brighten Our Days!”

    Wear Neon/Bright Colors!

    • Reader's Oath

      I promise to read
      Each day and each night.
      I know it's the key
      To growing up right.

      I'll read to myself,
      I'll read to a crowd.
      It makes no difference
      If silent or loud.

      I'll read at my desk,
      At home and at school,
      On my bean bag or bed,
      By the fire or pool.

      Each book that I read
      Puts smarts in my head,
      'Cause brains grow more thoughts
      The more they are fed.

      So I take this oath
      To make reading my way
      Of feeding my brain
      What it needs every day.