In Reading: Peanuts® READ Reading Poster

    • We will scoop and read phrases and complete sentences to increase fluency pace. 
    • We will also blend sounds together to make and read nonsense words.
    • Sight words include: be, as, ball, by, day, did, has, her, and him.
    • We will learn that good readers make predictions while they read and ask questions.

    In Writing:  Snoopy Writing Clip Art - ClipArt Best

    • We will learn to write fiction stories that include characters, setting, and plot.

    MATH    Your a Great Student - Mr. Preye's Technology Website

    • We will learn how to compare two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes.
    • We will solve word problems involving many math concepts.


     K-5 Classroom | Space STEM   used as graphic for social studies | Socialismo

    • Mystery Doug = Weather & Spring
    • Scholastic News
    • Geography Unit (continued)
    • Where am I in the world? & What is my neighborhood? 
    • We will learn the difference between Needs and Wants
    • Memorial Day & Mother's Day


    • May 25th = Field Day
    • May 26th - 30th = Memorial Day Weekend

    May 1 Statewide Day of Action is TOMORROW! Haven't signed up ...