• AP Literature and Compostion

    Credits: 5 Prerequisite: AP Language & Composition OR 91 in English 11 Honors with teacher recommendation Grade: 12 This course offers students many sources to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to successfully handle college level literature and analytical writing. Students study the nature of tragedy, comedy, tragicomedy, and satire in drama, novels, short stories, and poetry. In addition, students study the elements of fiction as they contribute to the development of recognized universal literary themes. Students are expected to read widely and critically, sometimes multiple works simultaneously, and to respond to their readings with discussions and with in-class timed writing and out of-class writing. All students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses are required to take the Advanced Placement Examinations in May (see Policy 2429 & Program of Studies page 5).

    Current unit: Satire and SciFi: Tools of corrective distortion: Candide, Fahrenheit 451


    Credits: 5 Prerequisite: English 11 CP Grade: 12 This course provides students with challenging reading, writing and thinking experiences. The design, materials, and approaches for this course enable students to establish a mindset that anticipates the intellectual sophistication necessary for success beyond high school. Students receive instruction and practice in the workshop model. Students will analyze literature from diverse authors. In order to develop writing skills, students will focus on literary analysis, narrative and persuasive writing techniques. Students will be required to write a research paper reinforcing MLA format. Students will analyze the study of literary genres such as the memoir, existentialism, drama, and nonfictional works of literature as they develop their critical thinking skills in a culminating project

    Current unit: Memoir: The art and illumination of the narrative voice: Book club and mentor texts.