Language Arts

    Unit 5- Imagine That !

    Week 24- R- controlled vowel: ar

    Week 25- R-controlled vowels : er, ir, ur 

    Week 26 - R-controlled vowels: or, oar, ore 

    Week 27- Diphthongs: ou, ow

    Week 28- Variant vowels: oo, ue, ew



    Topic 11- Use models and strategies to subtract Tens

    Topic 12- Measure Lengths

    Topic 13- Time

    Topic 14- Reason With Shapes and Their Attributes

    Topic 15- Equal Shares of Circles and Rectangles




    Thursday, May 23rd- Field Day

    Friday, May 24th- No School

    Monday, May 27th- No School

    Wednesday, May 29th- Class Trip