Clever / i-Ready Log In Instructions – Family Resources – Chavez Elementary  School



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    1. Go to www.getepic.com/students

    2. Log in with class code: uwq4364
    3. Select their name and they’re in!
    Math Games | Math Playground | Fun for Kids
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    2. Type in your name and code:panusd

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    Login Directions:

    * go to razkids.com

    * click KIDS LOGIN

    * type in Mrs. Panuska's username: pkerry1

    * click on your child's name



    SplashLearn - Fun Math Practice Games for Kindergarten to Grade 5

    Student Login Instructions:

    Step 1: Visit splashlearn.com/student

    Step 2: Enter Class Code XXMOGG

    Step 3: Choose Your Profile 

    www.mcls.org :: TumbleWeed Press

    Tumble Books

    Username: wallcentral

    Password:  books