• Welcome to my website!

    My name is Kathryn Haelig, and I can't wait to work with students of all ages this year! That's definitely the best part of my job.

    I look forward to making them feel confident about math.

    A little about me ~

    I am passionate about four things:

    1.) animal rescue

    I currently have three cats.  In the past, I volunteered in the back rooms at the MCSPCA.  I once took a hospice foster into my home, so she could experience love before her time came to an end.  It was the most rewarding thing I've ever done.


    2.) teaching children (and adults!) how to swim

    Everyone needs to be an independent, confident swimmer.  So important!  You're never too young (or too old!) to learn!


    3.) donating blood, plasma, and platelets

    I do this in honor of my late father.  He donated not only his own blood and platelets, but he also donated his time, organizing blood drives and calling donors to remind them of their appointments.  My father taught me the importance of giving life, and I carry on his legacy as best I can.

    donating plasma


    4.) MATH!!!

    I.  Love.  Math.  What I love even more is that I get to teach math at every grade level.  I could never pick my "favorite math grade level" because I love them all!  From kindergarten to fifth grade... they are all so important and fun to teach!


    ~ Miss Haelig