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Mrs. Carfano

Welcome! If you have questions, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]

Click on the following link for some great books that you can read or listen to at home. There are videos and activities that go along with the subjects of each book! Scholastic Learn at Home Activities

The West Belmar Bear Cubs have access to Raz Kids (Grades K-5) from any computer or tablet at home or in school. Please encourage your children to visit this website and use their log-on information that was provided to them by their teachers. 

Students also have memberships to Learning Ally, an audiobook website and computer application with which students can listen to and follow along with thousands of popular books. The link to the website is located to the left. This is where students can select books for their bookshelves. However,  the books must be read on the app, not the website. Students know how to log into their accounts on the website and the app. Reach out to your child's teacher or me if you want more information on this resource.

The PBS Kids Reading Activities website also brings students to a fun place to practice and learn literacy skills. 

Another wonderful website that features the reading of popular children's books by celebrities, is called Storyline Online. Children will enjoy hearing some of their favorite titles read to them aloud.

Please keep the spring Book Swap in mind and put aside children's books that your children are not reading anymore. This way, when June comes around and we're requesting book donations, the books will be handy, and we'll have a great selection of titles for the students! Thank you!