• Math Topics 5th Grade


    Topic 1  Understanding Place Value

    Topic 2 Add and Subtract Decimals to Hundredths

    Topic 3 Fluently Multiply Multi-Digit Whole Numbers 

    Topic 4 Use Models and Strategies to Multiply Decimals

    Topic 5 Use Models and Strategies to Divide Whole Numbers

    Topic 6 Use Models and Strategies to Divide Decimals

    Topic 7  Use Equivalent Fractions to Add and Subtract 

    Topic 8 Applying Understanding of Multiplication to Multiply Fractions

    Topic 9 Applying Understanding of Division to Divide Fractions

    Topic 10 Understand Volume Concepts

    Topic 11 Convert Measurement

    Topic 12 Represent and Interpret Data

    Topic 13 Algebra Write and Interpret Expressions

    Topic 14 Graph Points on a Coordinate Plane

    Topic 15 Algera 

    Topic 16 Geometric Measuring Classifying 2-D Figures