• The Facilities Department is responsible for the cleanliness, operation, protection, and preservation of the buildings, grounds, and other facilities that make up Wall Township Public Schools.  This department plays an important role in the educational process.  We constantly work to utilize our resources in the most efficient manner, while providing an environment that is clean and safe for our students, families and the community. 

    Facilities Manager

    The Facilities Department consists of approximately 50 individuals working together to ensure that all facilities within the Wall Township Public Schools are safe, clean, well maintained, environmentally healthy, and energy efficient. The Facilities Department is responsible for compliance with all State and Federal regulations pertaining to public schools. This includes all required annual inspections of district buildings and systems, as well as purchasing of maintenance and custodial equipment, supplies and contractual services for the District.

    Our success is contributed to our staff working together to achieve the same common purpose – providing the best environment possible in the effort to promote a positive learning and teaching experience.  We are a department that is expanding, growing and continually moving on to new and different challenges.

    Custodial Staff: Our custodial staff maintains 544,590 square feet of building space each and every school day. They provide support services to the students, staff, and various community organizations that utilize our schools. The Custodial Department works diligently everyday to ensure that the school community is provided with a clean and healthy school environment.

    Maintenance Staff: Our maintenance staff consists of 10 maintenance workers. All have expertise in more than one trade. The maintenance department is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all schools and auxiliary buildings. They also perform preventive maintenance to ensure maximum life expectancy of our heating and cooling equipment. Preventive maintenance is performed regularly to promote healthy indoor air quality within all buildings. Using our computerized work order system, School Dude our Maintenance Department reviews, prioritizes, and completes work requests received from staff to ensure deficiencies are addressed in a timely manner. We are an integral part of the educational community. The level of service that this department offers would not be possible without the support we have received from the public, the staff, the administration, and the Board of Education.

Facilities Manager