ELA Summer Assignments 2024 (WHS & WIS)

  • It’s time to seize the opportunity to relax on the beach and discover new worlds through the joy of reading. It’s our hope that parents will encourage students to read and discover the love of reading. Summer reading is designed to support an appreciation of reading, while also providing an opportunity for students to reinforce their reading skills throughout the summer months.

    All ELA summer assignments for all levels at the High School are mandatory assignments. While the ELA summer assignments for ELA 6, 7, and 8 are optional and encouraged, the ELA summer assignments for 7A and 8A are mandatory. We ask that parents and guardians be actively involved in the summer reading selection process. Please review the grade-level recommended readings with your child to best support their choices, interests, and reading ability. If you have any questions regarding the summer reading selections, please contact the Secondary ELA Supervisor, Mrs. Kelly Weiner, at [email protected].

Math Summer Assignments 2024 (WHS & WIS)

  • Engaging in academic activities during the summer break can prevent the summer slide, where students lose knowledge and skills over the extended vacation period. Summer assignments can help students retain what they learned during the school year, ensuring a smoother transition into the next grade.

    All math summer assignments except those for AP high school courses are provided for practice and are optional assignments that can be completed by students during the summer who wish to review various math skills. The concepts included in the assignments focus on essential prerequisite skills required for the upcoming math course. 

    For any questions regarding the optional math summer assignments, you can contact the Secondary Math Supervisor, Mrs. Laura Kurmin at [email protected].

WHS AP Summer Assignments 2024