Wall Township Public Schools District Goals 2020-2021

  • Student Success Goal #1: By June 2022, the district will show evidence of a robust, sustainable curriculum plan that provides meaningful educational experiences and opportunities for all students and supports teachers in developing standards-based, authentic lessons to foster and nurture the necessary 21st century skills of well-rounded, confident, future-ready learners.

    Plan for Year Four:

    • Develop a plan which prioritizes health and safety of students and staff, focussing on the needs of each building;
    • Develop an instructional plan for each of the following scenarios: in-person, hybrid, and virtual learning;
    • Develop an instructional plan which is responsive and provides as much in-person instruction as possible; 
    • Ensure plan is responsive to the contemporaneous health data; and 
    • Develop a strategy to ascertain and remediate individual student learning gaps as a result of pandemic impact.

    Student Success Goal #2: By June 2022, the district will support the diverse needs of all students by providing a variety of programs that promote high levels of engagement and learning (academically, socially, and emotionally).

    Plan for Year Four:

    • Following assessment of individual learning gaps, develop targeted, prescriptive instructional programming to meet the needs of individual learner profiles; 
    • Prioritize the psycho-social needs of students and staff with special focus on pandemic-related stressors; 
    • Continue as many co/extra-curricular programs (live and virtual) as possible to maintain and elicit student engagement within the school community during pandemic operations; 
    • Recognize the importance of nutritional and childcare support to the overarching educational mission of the district; and  
    • When possible, provide and maintain learning options for families during pandemic.

    Student Success Goals #3: By June 2022, the district will ensure that all students have access to technology to enhance critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration.

    Plan for Year Four:

    • Implement a one-to-one iPad initiative for kindergarten and first grade in an effort to provide developmentally appropriate technological applications;
    • Achieve a one-to-one Chromebook initiative grades 2-12; and 
    • Provide professional development opportunities for staff to strengthen instructional skills needed in the virtual learning platform.

    Finance and Facilities Goal #1: While implementing fiscally responsible measures and a schedule of facility and infrastructure improvements, WTPS will make a commitment to keep annual increases to the tax levy at 2% or less, and to utilize all available funds from alternate sources, and to utilize waivers and banked cap that might be available when necessary during the years 2017-2022.

    Plan for Year Four:

    • Prepare Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, (CAFR), with newly appointed auditor to report on fiscal responsibility;
    • Review district financial debt service obligations and plan for the financing long term debt for the purpose of addressing long-term facility needs and improvements;
    • Plan for and schedule benchmarks for implementing a referendum for facility and infrastructure improvements; and
    • Prepare annual school budget while considering impact of tax levy and the use of available waivers and banked cap.

    Community Outreach and Engagement Goal #1: By 2022, there will be a ‘town identity’ where the school district is the hub of community involvement for all stakeholders. The community will be involved in the schools and the schools will be involved in the community.

    Plan for Year Four:

    • Support parents/guardians as the district prepares for increased virtual learning and technological applications;
    • Partner with community agencies to support mental health initiatives;
    • Partner with community agencies to support district’s pandemic response plan;
    • Encourage educators to seek opportunities to partner with community agencies and businesses in an effort to provide students with real world experiences and for students to recognize their individual and collective actions impact the greater Wall Township area in meaningful and positive ways;
    • Make a concerted effort to communicate factual, relevant, and contemporaneous information with the community;
    • Assess the need to establish a multi-pronged digital communications strategy designed to elicit greater community engagement; and
    • Engage in board member training to strengthen understanding of boardsmanship and board function

    School Climate and Culture Goal #1: By 2022, the school environment will be culturally responsive and will offer all students the flexibility to pursue meaningful opportunities based on interest level in order to become competent, confident, and motivated individuals.

    Plan for Year Four:

    • Continue to support varied curricular electives and extracurricular opportunities to support student interest; and 
    • Provide as many curricular and co/extra-curricular programs (live and virtual) as possible during pandemic operations that enable students to explore and develop new interests and nurture existing interests.

    Due to COVID-19, the WTPS Strategic Plan was slightly modified due to the unique needs of the 2020-2021 school year; as such, the goals for the 2020-2021 school year reflect the necessary modifications.