Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Donatelli

Hello everyone and welcome to chemistry! I am very much looking forward to being your teacher this year! I hope by the end of the year you will share a little bit  of my love for chemistry and science :-)

Courses Taught: Chemistry CP and Chemistry CPA

Extra Help: I will be available during the last B day lunch of the week. 

Classroom supplies: 

1. Chromebook and charger. The majority of the course materials will be digital, so come prepared with your chromebook charged please.  

2. binder, writing implement of choice, headphones that work with your chromebook

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Assessment Items % of total Grade

Major Assessments 50%

Minor Assessments 30%

Classwork/Homework 20%

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When you are absent:

Due to the nature of the class, it is difficult to treat every absence the same way. For example, labs and group work may be difficult to make up. Please be flexible and PROACTIVE!!! It is your responsibility to speak to me or email me. Expect that I may ask you to come during lunch or that you will have put time in at home after school.