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Ms. Suzanne Ryan

WELCOME TO THE 2023-2024 school year!!

Tolerance and Kindness are promoted. We treat each other with respect.

CREATIVITY is promoted here. All projects have clear guidelines that will be explained in class, usually accompanied by a rubric to refer to. Students, of course, will be encouraged to make each and every project their own.

TIME LINES - students will be given clear expectations of when projects are due - there will be several timelines for most projects. If students run into issues (sickness etc), contact me and extensions can usually be worked out.

EXTRA HELP - will be every Monday in A-6 . Extra help can also be arranged after school as needed.

LUNCH - students are welcome to come to eat and work on projects during unit lunch on Monday. If you eat in the room, you are expected to clean up after yourself. If you bring in friends that are not taking Art Experience/3-Design/Sculpture are welcome as long as they are respectful and clean up after themselves. Please introduce your friends to me. There are classes right after lunch and clean up has to be done in a timely fashion.

I teach Art Experience, 3-D Design, and Sculpture. Important information will be posted here for this new school year, such as a Google Classroom invite. 

ART EXPERIENCE - All students will be supplied with a folder, pencil, eraser, ruler, paint brush, palette,and sharpie marker. Please have your Chromebook ready and charged for every class.

3- D DESIGN - All students will be supplied with a sketch book, folder, pencil, sharpie, paints etc..Please have your Chromebook ready and charged.

Sculpture - you will be receiving tools, a folder, a sketchbook, pencil, and tools. Please bring your charged Chromebook every day.

All assignments will be available through Google Classroom.