• Hello, my name is Kristy Buttler and this upcoming September will be my 20th year teaching mathematics at WHS.

    Looking forward to meeting all the new students in September, but in the meantime wishing all a fun, relaxing, and restful summer.

    For those looking to get a head start in preparing for next year, here is a suggested math dept. supply list.

    Supplies required for ALL Math Classes

    Charged School-Issued Chromebook



    Dry Erase Marker

    3 Ring Binder

    Lined Paper or Notebook 

    Graph Paper 

    Folder with pockets 


    *Students will have access to a graphing calculator during class. If interested in purchasing one for use at home, students should purchase the TI-84+  .

    **Students in AP Calculus and AP Statistics are issued a graphing calculator for the school year. 


    See you in September~!!