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Mr. Ketelaar

Welcome to English 9 CP and/or Study Skills!

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Mr. Ketelaar is a writer, with experience and a little success in just about every type. This is his 22nd year teaching, all in Wall, where he grew up. Prior to getting into education, Mr. Ketelaar was a full-time, award-winning journalist, principally with "The Coast Star." For the last 21 years he has been the advisor of the Wall High School school news source, "The Crimson Courier." Mr. Ketelaar is married and he and his wife have a dog, Groot.

Mr. Ketelaar's extra help is available every B Day in A-15 during unit lunch.  

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Grading in the English department: 

Tests/essays/projects (major assessments) 50%

Quizzes (minor assessments) 30%

Classwork/homework 20%

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