• It is a Great Day to be a Knight!!




    Welcome to the 2022/2023 School Year!

    Let's make it an awesome year!


     Google Classroom


    My Schedule

     1A in C - 17 - PreCalculus C P

    2A in C -11 - Trigonometry

    A day - lunch duty in the cafe

    3A - Prep/Lunch

    4A - Prep

    1B - Prep

    2B  in  C - 17 -Algebra 2 C P 

    3B in C -17 - PreCalculus C P

    4B in C -14 - Algebra 2 C P


    My extra help day is the first B day of the week in C - 17



    **When you enter class please take

    a calculator and place your

    phone in the calculator slot

    Then take your assigned seat.!

    Thank you!**



    Please bring the following items to class:

     pen or pencil










    Please contact me if you need any help with your assignments.

    [email protected]



     Math Grading:

    50% - major

    30% - minor

    20% - homework/classwork


    Link to genesis:



    Have a wonderful school year!!!!