• Horticulture 1 - Marine Oceanography


    Mrs. Kelly White

    [email protected]

    Purpose:  To provide methods and experiences in the field of Horticulture and Oceanography 


    Materials:  All students will be required to have a charged chromebook and a pen/pencil

    You will be given a notebook that should remain at school. 



    1. Be prepared, on time, and respectful to everyone in the classroom. 

    2. Students CANNOT line up at the door. Students will be dismissed by rows in order to maintain physical distancing.

    3. Only water is permitted in the classroom. (no other food or drink allowed)

    4. Please follow all social distancing guidelines. You MUST wear your mask and keep 3 feet apart from classmates at all times.

    5. Cell phones are NOT to be used in class (in person and virtual) UNLESS a teacher permits it for instructional purposes.



    Attendance is mandatory for both in person and virtual classes. 

    You must be on time and present for both  

    If you are expected to be in class “in person” and you feel sick, please notify the main office and do not come to school.

    For virtual classes you will use the Google Meet link provided in Google Classroom to join.  


    Grading Policies  

    Major Assessments = 50%

    Homework/Classwork = 20% 

    Minor Assessments = 30%

    Extra Help

    First A day of the Week lunch in E4  or by appointment  

    Senior Exemption Policy: Seniors may be exempt from the final exam if their overall semester grade is a 91, and no marking period grade is lower than an 88


    Grades - Any and all missing assignments are due by the last day of the marking period by 2:02.  There will be no exceptions!



    For further information on Horticulture see https://app.oncoursesystems.com/curriculum/11728/9921873


    For further information on Marine Oceanography see https://app.oncoursesystems.com/curriculum/11728/14036492