• Calculus Honors

    Blocks: 4A, 2B

    Calculus is not only the language for expressing physical laws in precise mathematical terms, but it is also a tool for studying these laws. This course involves a comprehensive study of differential and integral calculus. The concepts of limits and continuity are analyzed as the basis for the study of calculus. A balance is maintained between theory, applications and manipulative techniques.



    40% Major Assessments

    40% Minor Assessments

    20% Classwork/ Homework


    *Unit 1: Limits

    Unit 2: Definition of Derivatives

    Unit 3: Differentiation 

    Unit 4: Applications of Differentiation 

    Unit 5: Implicit Differentiation

    Unit 6: Definition of Integration

    Unit 7: Integration

    Unit 8: 2D Applications of Integration 

    Unit 9: 3D Applications of Integration

    *current unit