Spanish 2

  • Course Overview:

    This course is a continuation of the introduction to the fundamentals of speaking, reading and writing the Spanish language. The emphasis is on communication, oral and written, in real­life situations. Students also increase their cultural awareness of the peoples in Spanish speaking countries through a variety of authentic readings. The length and depth of written and oral work is greater.




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    4A- 3h6fq3s

    2B- 7nfmatz


    Unit 2- In the Airport & Hotel

    Essential Questions:


    How can I become a more effective reader, writer, speaker and listener in languages other than English?

    How does the language I'm studying help me to better understand my native language? 

    What can I already communicate in my new language? How do we get from one place to another?

    How are common travel practices in my country similar and/or different to the travel practices in other countries?


    Supplies: Charged chromebook, binder, paper, pencil