• iBienvenidos a la clase de Sra. Kapcsos!  

    Hola! My name is Nancy Kapcsos and I am excited about beginning my 24th year of teaching Spanish. I enjoy teaching and engaging middle school students.  It is a very unique age and it is an ideal time in a child’s educational career as they are cementing habits and skills necessary for the next phase in their academic career.  

    The Spanish A & B curriculum allows students to develop their Spanish language abilities in comprehension, speaking, reading and writing.  Students are able to begin expanding their communication skills and expressions in Spanish.


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    Contact Information: [email protected]

    Extra Help Day: Monday afternoons in the library

    Google Classroom Links:Coming in September

    Supply List: 

    1)  Pencils

    2)  Earbuds


    50%: Major Assessments (Unit Tests, Projects, Skits, Compositions)

    30%: Minor Assessments (Quizzes, Dialogues, Mini-Projects)

    20%: Independent Assessments (Classwork, Homework, Participation) 

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