Sra. Bateman


    Contact Information:

    [email protected]


    World Language

    Extra Help Day

    Wednesday after school

    Room 316

    Supply List  

    There are no required supplies. 

    All supplies will be supplied by the classroom teacher.


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    Google Classroom

    For Students

    Please find direct links to our Spanish Google Classrooms.  Be sure to check Google Classroom daily for assignments, activities, and announcements.

    Spanish A:

    Spanish B:

    Spanish C:


    50%: Major Assessments (Unit Tests, Projects, Skits, Compositions)

    30%: Minor Assessments (Quizzes, Dialogues, Mini-Projects)

    20%: Class Participation 

    To access Genesis, click on the link below:


    Please check Google Classroom.     

    Please see me to make up any assessments, dialogues, or presentations.


                                                                               Google Classroom: access to notes, assignments, and study aids. 

                                                                               Genesis: Current grades and missing assignments.

                                                                               Quizlet/Gimkit/Blooket/Kahoot/Quizizz/Duolingo:  Use as study tools.

                                                                               SeeSaw/Flipgrid:  Students will record videos of speaking assignments.

                                                                               EdPuzzle: Video to help students improve listening comprehension.

                                                                               Garbanzo/Newsela: Reading comprehension activities

                                                                               Boomcards/Pear Deck: Independent practice

                                                                               Text: Avancemos