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  • Our Services

    School counselors take on many different roles within a school. Our duties include classroom guidance lessons, small group and individual counseling, as well as consultation with parents, teachers, and administrators. While counselors do not discipline students, we can assist with positive behavior strategies. Our goal is for each student to develop socially, emotionally, and academically, and we strive to create a safe and positive environment in which each child can accomplish this.

    When to Engage the School Counselor

    School counselors work with students for a variety of reasons, including academic concerns, school anxiety, personal struggles, behavioral concerns, and peer issues. We can also assist families in times of hardship, as we have access to many community resources. As your counselors, we are dedicated to helping in any capacity necessary to ensure your child successfully navigates the experiences life presents.
    Please contact us whenever you believe we can ever be of assistance. 

    We look forward to building a relationship with your child and having a positive school year!

    -WIS School Counseling Team