Be Well! Get Exercise! Limit your stress. Get enough sleep. Eat well. Practice gratitude for the things you have instead of what you wish you had! 



    • 6th Grade: $6 for a new school issued lock (cash or check payable to WIS). If you have a siblings from past years, you may use that as well as long as it is a Master lock with a V53 marked on the back.
    • If you buy a lock from the store, we may not be able to help you with the combination if you lose it. You risk needing to have you lock cut off if we cannot get in there otherwise. 

    - 7th & 8th Grade: Bring in your old lock from last year or $6 if you have misplaced your lock.

    All Grades:

    - Sneakers that tie.

    - Appropriate physical education attire (gym shorts and a t-shirt to be changed into and different from what you wore to school that day).