• Math 8

    We will be covering a wide variety of topics in Math 8, including:

          -Real Numbers

          -Linear Equations


          -Bivariate Data

          -Systems of Equations

          -Congruence and Similarity

          -Pythagorean Theorem, Distance & Midpoints

          -Volume & Surface Area


    Our current topic we are working on in Math 8:



    Unit 1: Real Numbers


    -Rational vs. Irrational Numbers


    -Evaluate Square Roots 


    • Evaluate square roots to solve problems.

    • Evaluate perfect squares.


    -Solve Equations Using Square Roots


    • Solve equations involving perfect squares.

    • Solve equations involving imperfect squares.


    -Exponent Rules


    • Power of Products Property

    • Product of Powers Property

    • Quotient of Powers Property

    • Negative Exponent Property

    • Zero Exponent Property


    • Simplify exponential expressions using the Zero Exponential Property and the Negative Exponent Property.