• Course Overview:


    This year in 6th Grade Social Studies we will be learning about U.S. History from the American Colonies up to the Civil War/Reconstruction time period. Our goals are to enrich a better understanding of chronological events that have shaped the United States and the World.


    ~North American Colonial societies adapted European governmental, economic, and cultural institutions and ideologies to meet their needs in the New World.


    ~Disputes over political authority and economic issues contributed to a movement for independence in the colonies.The fundamental principles of the United States Constitution serve as the foundation of the United States government today. The westward movement, industrial growth, increased immigration, the expansion of slavery, and the development of transportation systems increased regional tensions. 


    ~The Civil War resulted from complex regional differences involving political, economic and social issues, as well as different views on slavery. The Civil War and Reconstruction had a lasting impact on the development of the United States.


    • Era 1 Colonization and Settlement (1585–1763)
    • Era 2 Revolution and the New Nation (1754–1820)
    • Era 3 Expansion and Reform (1801–1861)
    • Era 4 Civil War and Reconstruction (1850–1877)


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