• Integrated Modern Algebra:

    Credits: 5 Prerequisite: Algebra 1 CP and Geometry CP Grades: 11, 12 The curriculum for Integrated Modern Algebra is based on the belief that mastery in learning takes place over an extended period of time. When a skill or concept is introduced and practiced, students develop familiarity with it. The intent of this course is to enable students to move toward independent learning within the context of review and extension of these skills with introduction to topics essential for further study of mathematics. Emphasis is placed on reinforcement of fundamental skills and concepts. The course focuses on families of functions, including linear, quadratic, exponential and rational functions. Students are introduced to the complex number system. Other topics of study include trigonometry and data trends. As this course follows Algebra 1 and Geometry, students who successfully complete this course will meet the NJDOE three-year mathematics graduation requirement. 


     Unit 1:  Expressions, Equations and Functions