Credits: 5 Grade: 9

    This course develops students’ critical reading and writing skills through the workshop model. Students will explore the study of literary genres such as the short story, dystopian novels, drama, flash fiction, fan-fiction, and nonfiction, as they sharpen their recognition of various literary elements and devices. Students will analyze literature from diverse authors. Students will explore narrative, literary analysis, expository and argumentative writing. There will be opportunities to study a variety of independent reading choices, as well as participate in book clubs and whole class novels.

    Current unit: Shakespeare


    Essential Question(s):

    -How does an author create a theme in a text?
    -How does an author develop and refine a theme in a text?
    -How can I write a summary without any biased language?
    -How do I determine the meaning(s) of a word in a text?
    -How can I determine the effect a word is supposed to have within a text?
    -Why does the artistic medium chosen to tell a story matter?
    -How does an artistic medium create varied understandings of a text (either written or visual)?

    Work(s) of study: "Romeo & Juliet"