• Course Overview:

    The English 10 CP course is a survey of American Literature from pre-colonial to present day that includes textbook, novel, essay, and online resources that can be utilized via the Google Classroom and other applications. Students will embrace the  approach of Workshop while working through the course curriculum. Teachers will present mentor texts to model/enrich alongside student selections of works that coincide with each unit of study.

    Some highlights include:

    The Crucible

    Literary Analysis

    Book Clubs--Independent Choice

    Narrative Writing

    The Great Gatsby

    Research Writing

    Julius Caesar

    Unit 1 Overview:

    Through our excerpted study of The Crucible the class will explore a variety of themes that permeate early American literature. Students will piece together historical / sound information amidst the drama of the texts to come to a better understanding of what drove the conflicts of the time period. Exposure to other core texts of the time (i.e. the writing of Jonathan Edwards and indigenous people) and a variety of multimedia (i.e. History Channel documentary, webquests) will provide a well-rounded experience for learners.