Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Rusher

Welcome to one of my classes.  If you joined one of my electives, thank you!


I look forward to an excellent year for all of us.


I will provide all assignments on Google Classroom.


My extra help will be on B-day lunch in room C-12.  If you need to see me at another time, let me know and we will work something out.


Grading categories will be 50% major assessments, 30% minor assessments, and 20% homework/classwork.


In English 11 CP: please arrive with a writing implement and a notebook with pockets. You will sometimes take notes.


In Creative Writing: You have a daily writing requirement: your journal.  It can be kept digitally or on paper. Be prepared to write in class every day.


In Harry Potter and Literary Criticism: remember, a circle has no beginning. Also, bring a notebook and a novel daily. You are expected to read every day - 10 pages will keep you up with class requirements.  


Don't wait for someone to challenge you; challenge yourself.