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    Each week, I will grade you on your class participation and use of french in class. A test grade will be entered every marking period. You must make every effort to speak french in class. Should you need to speak english in an emergency only, you must ask in french, “Permettez-moi de parler anglais?”


    • I may speak english at times to explain a grammar concept. This does not mean that you should be speaking in english. :)


    What I expect: 


          1) Students be prepared to start the do now activity when the bell rings. 


          2) Cell phones are put on the cellphone desk when you enter class.   


          3) Students participate in daily conversations and email teacher in french.  


          4) Students check the website or Google Classroom when they are absent.


          5) Students converse with each other in french as much as possible.  

    Points will be subtracted from your participation grade when:


    1. Your phone is with you.

    2. You are heard speaking english during teacher instruction.

    3. Your use of english is excessive during group work. 

    4. You are not prepared for class or for the do now. 

    5. You are doing other work in class. 

    Useful expressions for class:


    1. C’est quelle page?                                   7) Quel est le devoir?

    2. J’ai une question.                                     8) Avez-vous un stylo/ un crayon?

    3. Je ne comprends pas.                              9) Faut-il écrire les questions aussi? 

    4. J’ai oublié le devoir/ mon cahier.             10) Que veut-dire__en anglais?

    5. Quand est le petit contrôle/ l’examen?    11) Comment dit-on___en français?

    6. Je ne serai pas en classe lundi.              12) Permettez-moi de aller aux toilettes? 


    Major Assessments - 50%     (Tests, Unit tests)

    Minor Assessments-  30%     (Quizzes, Presentations, Essays)

    Independent work-     20%     (Homework, “do now” activities, class work and skits in groups)


    1. One subject notebook or section in binder for French class only

    2. This notebook must be brought to class each day and will be checked periodically. 

    3. We will have periodic notebook quizzes, on which you will be able to use your notebook. The better your notes, the better your grade on these notebook quizzes. 


    Homework will be given about once a week. 

    “Do now” activities in class count as homework and will be collected almost every class. 

    You must have good notes in order to do these “do now” activities. 


    -I will be available for extra help during unit lunch on “A” days in the room C3. 

    -Always communicate with me if you are having any difficulty, concerns or even if you are loving a unit! I love feedback. 




    We will have 2 major assessments per marking period and 6-8 minor assessments. 

    Please seek out extra help at least 2 days before a minor or major assessment. (Do not come to the day of the quiz or test.)