• We Are All Connected,

    so The Time Is Now to do our best! 

    Everything is Possible at the beginning of a new school year.

    We are all 100% Accountable for our actions!

    We will have An Attitude of Gratitude for what others do for us this school year!

    When we put our  Passion First,

    we Live To Give back to others!


    Welcome to Grade 8 Team Red! If you are looking for information from the teachers on Team Red, their names are shown below. You are currently on my teacher's website.  We are here to support your child throughout this school year!


    Mrs. Benyola - Social Studies

    Mrs. Elwood - ELA

    Mr. Caiglia - Science

    Mrs. Doyle - Math

    Mrs. Graybush - ELA

    In Class Support, Special Education Teachers supporting Team Red are:


    Mrs. Griffith - Science

    Mr. Lidon - Social Studies

    Mr. Magliaro - Math

    Mrs. Palmer - ELA