Academy Engineering 1

  • An introduction to the field of engineering and the Freshman-level course in the Pre-Engineering Academy.

    Course Syllabus

    Each student will have a dedicated space in the lab to store materials and supplies.

    While it is not mandatory, students may wish to bring in a dedicated mouse to use with the computers and/or their Chromebook (one can be provided if this is not possible), as well as a pair of earphones/earbuds.


    The following are optional supplies that may be beneficial:

    • Mechanical pencils
    • Vinyl eraser
    • 4x4 quad notebook
    • Folder
    • Computer mouse 
    • Device capable of running the following apps:
      • Google drive
      • Google docs
      • Google slides
      • Google sheets
      • Gmail
      • Video to .gif converter


    This course exposes students to the various fields of engineering. Areas of study include but are not limited to: structures and mechanisms, control systems and energy systems. Students are instructed in mechanical drawing techniques as well as the use of Computer Aided Drawing and Design software such as AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor. Students work on real-world engineering design problems, which require the application of valuable skills such as: hands-on problem-solving, design, creative thinking, teamwork, documentation, presentations, and applied math and science principles.

    50% - Major Assessments
    30% - Minor Assessments
    20% - Classwork Assignments