• Art Club 2022-23

    You must be signed up for the Art Club Google Classroom in order to be a member of Art Club.
    Google Classroom Class Code: qizatnm
    Art Club Mandatory Membership Meeting Schedule for the 2022-23 School Year
    These will all be held in Room A4 during unit lunch at 10:30 unless specified otherwise.
    12/13/22 (after school in A4)
    (Added workshops TBA)
    Mission Statement/Information:
    To expand art knowledge, medium usage, and techniques beyond the classroom. 
    Club Goals/Objectives:
    To study art outside the school setting through the museum and art-on-site visits. 
    To meet and learn from working artists in the area. 
    To learn about making a product to sell.
    To learn about stage painting effects.
    To learn how to fundraise for an event.
    To share our art experiences and our passion for learning about art.
    Activities on the Calendar this year:
    Log into the Google classroom for all activities, meetings and information.
    Possible Future Activities/Events:
    • Tye Dye 
    • Ceramics Workshop (face jugs) 
    • Glass Workshop 
    • Open Studios Days 
    • Painting Workshops 
    • Seasonal Art Workshops
    • Ugly Holiday Sweater Party 
    • Fall Crafts Workshop
    • Class Trips to Rainbow Glass in the Fall and a New York City or Philadelphia Museum Trip in the Spring
    Fund-raising Activities 
    All members must participate in fund-raising activities in order to go on the museum field trip in the spring. We fund-raise to help local families in need and part of the money will go to the charter bus used for the field trip in the spring. This is a mandatory requirement for all members of Art Club. We will use the established point system to keep track of the most active members of the club. The students who have earned the most points for participation in activities are the students who will receive attendance priority for field trips.
    Kerry Kelley
    Jill Alexander

    Meeting Location 
    Art Club Officers will be elected September 2022.
    Vice President: 
    Public Relations: