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    DUE DATES: Please take pictures, convert to pdf and post to the Google Classroom. 




    Honors Chapters


    Chapter 1



    ·Classification  Matter,

    ·Physical/Chemical Properties/ Changes

    ·Significant Figures, Scientific Notation,    Dimensional Analysis, Density

    ·Chapter 12 notes

    ·Chapter 8 notes

    ·Honors Chem Basics Webpage

    Date Due




    Chang: 29 questions ( be sure to show work) Click link Below

    01_CH_Matter and Change.pdf


    Chapter 2 & organic


    ·Atomic Theory, Structure of Atom,

    ·Chemical Formulas, Naming

    ·Naming Simple Organic

    ·Organic Isomers, Reactions

    ·Chapter 3

    ·Chapter 7a

    ·Chapter 22- orgo- in chapter 7 & 8 honors

    Date Due


    Chang: 50 questions  (show work when necessary) Click link

    02_CH_naming and organic.pdf



    Chapter 3



    ·Molar Mass, Percent Composition, Empirical/Molecular Formula

    ·Balancing Chemical Reactions

    ·Stoichiometry, Limiting Reactant, Excess Reactant, Percent Yield.

    ·Chapter 7b


    ·Chapter 8

    ·Chapter 9

    Date Due


    Chang: 24 questions (show all work) Click link:

    03_CH_stoichiometry and mole problems.pdf


    Date Due





    Graphing With Google Sheets: 2022-Graphing Google Spreadsheets.pdf


     HOW TO CONVERT: use the pic to pdf in the google classroom

    Please use the converter in the Google Classroom APP. (below are some other options)


  • Materials Needed for First Day of School:

    You will need to bring with you the first day of class the following items.


    1. One 3 ” binder – this will serve as your daily notebook.  As you will receive the entire year’s syllabus, daily problems, and homework on the first day of school.*****If you do not want to bring your entire notebook to class every day.  You may keep your notebook at home and bring the materials essential to class.  You will be responsible for knowing what you need each day.
    2. One pack of  dividers-(4-pack)  please see the list below on how to use each divider

      Notebook tabs  - 

    • Tab 1Charts/ Tables       Tab 2AP Info      Tab 3:   NOTES/HW  


    3.  One 1” binder- this will serve as your lab notebook.  This can stay @ home or in the classroom- AP cabinet.  It will be graded during Marking period 4 as a portfolio grade.


    4.  You will need a calculator everyday and something to write with.  Highlighters are helpful!


    5. A Charged Chromebook.