• Homework

    Grading Categories

    Extra Credit 

    You will have homework every night (Monday through Thursday). Weekends are for you!

    Each night you will read for 15-20 minutes.

    You will respond to your reading through notes, reading responses, or one-on-one reading conferences with me!

    Major Assessments-50%- One writing piece & one reading assessment

    Minor Assessment-30%- preparation for major assessments, Reader’s & Writer’s Notebooks, Choice Novel Presentations

    Independent Assessments-20%- Class preparation (start with a 100 at the start of each MP), Homework, Class Activities

    If you schedule a conference with me, you have the opportunity to make corrections (up to 5 points) on ANY writing piece!

    Once per marking period, you also have the opportunity to deliver a Genius Hour Presentation.

    You can make corrections up to a 70 for any failing grades during the marking period.