• Welcome back from the summer and welcome to the 2024 school year.  My name is Ms. Duffy and I have been teaching for 30 years, though 22 here in Wall Township.   My email address is [email protected]


    I currently teach APUSH, AP Human Geography, and Pre-AP USI Honors. You will need a binder with dividers and lined paper or a spiral notebook, and a writing utensil for my classes.  I will supply any other materials needed.


    Please click on the appropriate course to see the syllabus for each class. 


    My extra help day will be _______. 


    Please see the Resource page to access GCR, Turnitin.com, and AP classroom.


    Grading for the Social Studies department is 60% major assessments, 30% minor assessments, and 10% homework/classwork.


    Here is the link for Genesis.